There’s always going to be that moment when something you see on Facebook or Twitter is bothersome. There will also be moments when your significant other posts something that gets under your skin, or you see one of his or her wayward exes being a bit too interested out of the corner of your eye. It’s all part and parcel of interacting with a lot of people on the Internet.

But can what people post online be taken so seriously that its necessary to turn it into a full-on brawl? This was the case this past weekend in Sacramento, where a group of over 30 women gathered in the street over a scheduled showdown over “something” someone posted on Facebook — and only those involved even know what it was. According to one report:

It happened on Grand Avenue and Clay Street when police responded to reports of a large fight with women swinging fists and baseball bats. All suspects had fled by the time officers arrived.

“Two people really sustained major injuries,” Sacramento Police Sgt. Andrew Pettit said. “Those two people were reportedly hit with bats and they went to the hospital requiring stitches.”

Police say one of the women in the group broke a glass candleholder from a nearby memorial and used it as a weapon before heading into the convenience store.

“Two of the women came in here and bought drinks,” Patricia Brandon said. “They looked angry and tired, I guess from fighting.”

From the description of the incident, it sounds like the people who showed up were there for a main event of throwing down, what with ladies bringing beverages and basically turning it into a West Side Story type of war. People who are interested in such ugliness will always find a way to participate in some, and anyone who wants to swing a bat or break some glass will probably find a way to do so. But has the speed and ambiguity of what is said in writing created an atmosphere that makes extreme reactions easier? Are people taking the back and forth nature of social media too seriously?

What do you think?

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