On Friday night 100 million gamblers, myself included, learned we would not be presented with the largest Mega Millions jackpot in history in the form of a novelty-sized gigantic check. Yeah, reality kind of sucks like that.

Three absurdly lucky people did hit the magic number, however, and each will take home $105 million. But one of them, Mirlande Wilson, has already been accused of cheating her lotto pool out of their share of the winnings.

Wilson works at a Maryland McDonald’s where a bunch of employees each threw in $5 to get a big pile o’ tickets. The 37-year-old single mother of seven claims that the winning ticket was not part of the pool, and was actually a ticket that she bought on her own with her own money. Oh.

When pressed about the issue Wilson wavered a bit, telling the New York Post “I don’t know if I won. Some of the numbers were familiar. I recognized some of [them],” but she still insisted that the winning ticket was only hers to claim. Wilson says that she’s cashing her ticket in right away, but it sounds like she can expect a lawsuit — a 7-11 clerk where the ticket was sold says that lottery officials have reviewed the store’s surveillance video, which casts doubt on Wilson’s story.

Can you guess how the fifteen co-workers Wilson bought the tickets with feel about this? They are HEATED. They all work at McDonald’s and make $7.50 per hour, which is quite different from the $7 million payout they’d each receive if the winnings were split (in fact it’s quite different from however much money any of us earn). Wilson even called one co-worker up screaming “I won! I won!” Not we won. I won. Unbelievable.

Now, most of us spent at least a few minutes fantasizing about what we’d do if we won, but can you imagine yourself in this situation? One would think that over $100 million is enough money to split a few ways, but I guess Wilson’s ticket trickery is an example of letting greed get the best of you. Unless she really did buy the ticket with her own money, which…oh who are we kidding?

Mirlande Wilson shouldn’t be walking around in public and really needs to just go straight into hiding; out of 15 people with $7 million at stake, one of them has to be pressed enough to come find her. In fact we’ve done her the favor of not posting her picture so she can stay on the low and have instead gone for the furious faces of her co-workers. To see Ms. Wilson herself you’ll have to click through to the The Post.

Mo’ money, mo’ problems, indeed.

What would you do?

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