As this video was passed around in my social media circles, I repeatedly ignored it. I do not care about video games and I am not in the mood for marginally cute children and their accomplishments, I thought.

But 9-year-old Caine Monroy is actually very cute, not just marginally, and the intricate cardboard arcade that he made by hand using only whatever he had lying around and his own imagination is actually kind of dope. I’ll admit it…very dope. Watching him explain his process and get so excited as his dream came to fruition made me remember that the only dreams that are out of any of our reach are those that we don’t bother to put into action, even if we’re holding our hopes together with nothing but spit and spunk. Watch:

There’s a lesson in there for each of us — no matter where you start, you can eventually get somewhere.

What do you think of Caine’s Arcade?

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