African-American women make up the fastest, and highest infectious rates of HIV transmission, according to the Center for Disease Control. A new short film by Rod Gailes OBC entitled, “Earl’s Post Prison Playdate,” shows how the sexual habits that a man picks up in jail can put the health of the women he comes in contact with in danger.

Earl’s Post-Prison Playdate was created as a part of an HIV Awareness campaign, executive produced by OBC for the “League of Awareness,” a NY-based underground film collective.

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  • Che

    Unfortunately, as a young nurse in the DC area, this documentary portrays a sad truth. I myself have never worked in the prison system, but I cannot dare repeat stories of what nurses that do work in local jails tell me. The best advice I give to people is love oneself. Screen people’s backgrounds prior to sleeping with them to determine risk level, get tested, and use protection. This is the same advice that has been around for years and we still cannot get the HIV/AIDS rate to go down, in fact it is increasing. I now believe there is an epidemic of low self-esteem amongst black women (people) that leads to risking one’s health, whether it is binge eating or frequent casual sex. Many African-Americans may need psychotherapy for various reasons to increase self-esteem and gain empowerment, but we also tend to shun mental health care!

  • ed

    @ Keep it Real said:
    “According to the CDC 85% of black/African American women became infected through heterosexual contact.”

    Keep it Real also said:
    “Young Black women are sharing [email protected]/bi-s3xual, players, bums and thugs/ex-convicts.”

    Let me say this for those who don’t understand. Gay men do NOT have sex with women. Notice I said GAY MEN and not the anti-gay slur used by ‘Keep it Real’.

    Straight men and bisexual men have sex with women. Let me say this one more time. GAY men do not have sex with women. If a man is having sex with both women and men, he is bisexual not gay.

    The point is that GAY MEN are not responsible for HIV/AIDS infections in women because gay men do not have sex with women.

    Keep it Real said “according to the CDC 85% of black/African American women became infected through heterosexual contact.” Those infections were caused entirely by UNPROTECTED sex with INFECTED bisexual and straight men. None of those infections were caused by gay men because, again, gay men do not have sex with women.

    • Keep it Real

      If defining labels into subgroups makes you feel better, fine. Homosexual activity is still the root cause and accelerator of this epidemic.

  • ed

    Keep it Real said:
    “Homosexual activity is still the root cause and accelerator of this epidemic.”

    Not true. HIV/AIDS is a preventable disease. It is not something that jumps on random people all by itself.

    The “accelerator of this epidemic” is unprotected sex with infected partners.

    How is a GAY MAN, who has never had sex with a woman, responsible for HIV infections in women if he’s never had sex with a woman?

    Globally, most HIV/AIDS cases are in black Africa. In black Africa, HIV/AIDS is an overwhelmingly heterosexual disease. Heterosexual black African men and heterosexual black African women have infected each other with the HIV/AIDS virus by the MILLIONS.

    • Keep it Real

      I read somewhere where they said men not circumcised have a greater risk. I don’t know. We’re talking about America and the reason American Black women are contracting the disease. Again, it’s from having sex with men who have had homosexual sex. It is what it is.

    • Quez

      Men, gay or not, are being blamed (Easy to roll us all up and point the finger). I understand gay men don’t sleep with women, women don’t sleep with gay men. Women sleep with bisexual men and the women didn’t know it. They say “oh, he’s gay or he was gay.” He was untruthful, deceiving and bisexual.
      Women having sex with a liar is a huge problem. Men thinking they have to lie an issue too.

  • Leonard Guy

    I think the issue here is more the fact of men having sex in prison not so much having it with men, from all the research I have done there seems to be a lot of sexual abuse in mens prisons, the fact that these men are having un protected sex is a recipe for the spread of the virus, so some men whether by choice or by being forced, are contracting it and bringing it home with them. Then it spreads outside, the cycle goes on when some of them re-offend and go back in. Put one thing no one has mentioned is we have a lot of our brother in prison the would not be there if they did the same crime as a white person. This has to be addressed and those African Americans who have the strength to overcome racism and succeed in America shoudn’t look down on the brothers and sisters who find it differcult to survive in the their environment. Yes we need to punish people but we need to understand and what is happening and try and educate the youngers, its a battle. Im black british we have similar challenges our government a few years back declared that our Police were intitutionally racist, yes its official now, I don’t know if any state in America has done the same. We in the uk know America is worse then here….

    I notice some people putting down the women on the film yes those women are weak and have a lot of self -esteem issues, but they are still human and deserve a chance sometime we are caught in a web and we do things that crazy, but because you had the stengtht to overcome the differculties in your relationship don’t mean another woman can, we need to encourage more and pray the every woman finds the strenght to stand tall. Let us also understand that these issue are in white America to and any other group, for us as black people these thing are much more damaging because there is a lot of negative factors that are already destroying us , more poverty, more bad health, more lone parents, more under acheivement in schools and this is exactly the same where if you find the descendants of the tran -atlantic slave trade and slavery. America, Caribbean, south ameirca ,france , Holland. So we need to see the bigger picture. I don’t put every negative thing we do down to slavery but what i would say those extra percentages of negativity came from there.