When I was approaching 30, I had several mixed emotions. While many start to freak out somewhere around 27 that the big three-oh is coming, my 30th birthday sort of crept up on me without making much noise. By the time I realized I was getting ready to turn 30, it was too late for an “OMG! I’m 30!” freak-out, so I resigned myself to just enjoy the moment. And I did.

What I quickly learned is that turning 30 brought on this overwhelming need to reflect on my life and what I really wanted. What happened is that I began feeling more powerful, focused, and yeah, I began feeling myself just a bit more. And apparently, I’m not alone.

According to a new study women’s self-esteem increases the older they get.

The Daily Mail reports:

A study found it takes years of experimenting before women find a look they’re happy and confident with. Most feel they’re in their prime at 35. 

One in three grew more comfortable with their appearance the older they got, while three out of four thought their style had improved over the years. 

Researchers found one in 20 went so far as to claim they didn’t feel they hit their prime until they were 56.

While it makes sense that women begin to feel more comfortable with themselves as they get older, many women continue to struggle with self-doubt and self-esteem throughout their lives.

What do you think? Have you noticed a boost in your self-esteem the older you’ve gotten? Speak on it!

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