In an incident that sounds more like the unfortunate escalation of a reality show reunion special than the goings-on outside of a San Francisco restaurant on a Saturday night, an irate woman used one of her Christian Louboutin stillettoes to bust a man’s head open.

It all seems to have started when the woman, whose identity has not been made public, was standing outside of the Balboa Cafe with two male friends, changing from her high heels into some flip-flops (taking off painful shoes? Leave out the “in the middle of the sidewalk” part and we’ve all done that).

A man was walking down the street, as pedestrians have the tendency to do, and he accidentally kicked one of the woman’s precious red-bottoms, which made her upset (mad that someone stepped on your shoe? Leave out the Loubous part and we’ve all done that).

An argument ensued, one of the woman’s male companions punched the pedestrian in the face, and Matt Meidinger, who was also standing outside, decided to get involved.

“I spoke up and said, ‘Whoa! Take it easy! Kicking a shoe doesn’t equal a punch in the face, Louboutins or not!’ As the guy turned around to tell me to mind my own business, the woman ran up and said, ‘Yes it does!’ and came down on top of my head with her heels.”

Cracking skulls with your shoes? Who does that?

Although his re-telling of the story sounds like something from a comic book, Meidinger did in fact end up in the hospital with a cracked skull. Think about it: this woman beat him with a five inch-long stake!

Where homegirl messed up is that Matt Meidinger is general manager of the popular restaurant Jasper’s Corner Tap & Kitchen and has a pretty healthy social media network, so between a photo of her that he tweeted (above) and a $500 reward, tips helped the police find her and pick her up. She claims that she and her posse were really the ones being assaulted, and she was just doing what she had to do in self defense (which has apparently become the excuse du jour for being completely excessive and out of pocket during altercations that you instigated).

What do you think? Is her behavior at all acceptable?


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