Fashion and philanthropy don’t often go together but Obakki always manages to make it work. In 2009, the design house launched its eponymous foundation, and since then proceeds from the clothing collection have covered 100 percent of The Obakki Foundation’s operating costs and humanitarian efforts.

This year, the foundation set its sights on South Sudan and relieving the country of its water crisis, and to meet that goal the company has created a collection of clothing with rich colors and bold patterns that reflect the people of that nation.

“With this fall 12 collection I’m able to tell the story of south Sudan through a chronological timeline on a canvas I know best,” says Treana Peake, Obakki’s founder and creative director. “Through fashion I’m able to tell that story and in turn make a difference.”

Peake says she was drawn to the African country’s inspiring landscape and rich history both personally and creatively, and she created a campaign video to show how her company’s stylish creations go hand in hand with the vibrant personalities of the Sudanese people. By the end of this month, 300 water wells will have been drilled in the land, demonstrating the power of this movement.

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