I am a firm believer in putting your passion over profit. Life is too short to slave away doing something that makes you absolutely miserable just for a paycheck. If you work hard your passion can create a very livable profit for you. When it comes to a job would you stay at one where you are degraded, worked like a horse and unappreciated just for a paycheck?

I understand that everyone has to pay their dues in order to get to where they want to in life, but when do you say enough is enough? I have had jobs that I did simply for a paycheck and miserable is not even the word to describe how much I loathed going there every day. The way I evened out the unhappiness I felt with my 9-5 was pursuing my passion in my off time. I was determined to wake up every day and be happy with what I was doing for a living. Some positions just were not worth the headache and I just had to leave. I remember one publication I worked for telling me that I was a too “urban” in terms of the topics I wrote about. I was instantly turned off and left because staying there meant not being true to myself or the issues I cared about.

When you know your worth and the immense amount of talent you have sometimes a paycheck just isn’t enough. I could never be one of those people who get paid well, but have jobs they hate. They work so hard that they don’t get to enjoy all the money that they make. Happiness and your sanity are things that can’t be bought.

I have a good friend who told me yesterday that she quit her job working for a very big name in the music industry because she was beyond unhappy. She was working 15 hour days, no lunch breaks and was getting talked down to by her superiors. Some people would have thought this was the “dream job” and I thought so too when she first told me about it. When she told me she left because it just wasn’t worth it anymore I completely understood.

At the end of the day we are all human beings and not property. When your employer begins to treat you as though they own you, then I feel it is time to leave. No job is worth your dignity and pride. I know this is hard for people who have families and a load of responsibility to handle, but you should never feel trapped at a job. Having legitimate side hustles or a savings account that can last you for at least a year or more can prevent you from feeling trapped at any position.

Time is something that we can never get back and I would rather spend it happy and doing something I love than getting a paycheck for a job that makes me want to have a nervous breakdown.

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