Hoodies have recently become a hot topic of discussion with the death of Trayvon Martin on the national radar, but The Roots’ frontman Questlove has had a thing for the outwear long before it was a statement of political activism.

“I do love a hoodie,” the drummer/music producer told NY Mag. “I have a love affair with hoodies that goes way back. When Tariq [Trotter, the Roots’ M.C.] and I first saw the Tribe Called Quest video for ‘Can I Kick It?’ and they were all wearing hoodies, I was like, ‘Yo, we gotta go to the Gap and get that.’ That’s when I purchased my first bona fide hoodie.”

Now Quest has opened his own hoodie paradise on the Lower East-side of Manhattan for all New Yorkers who love the sweatshirts as much as he does. Ironically, the doors of The Hoodie Shop opened the day before thousands of people gathered in Union Square to protest the killing of Trayvon Martin in the “Million Hoodie March.” Quest says the timing of the two events was pure coincidence. He and his friend/ shop co-owner Peter Shapiro had been working on the venture for years, but that didn’t stop him from freaking out a bit about the public’s perception of their grand opening.

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