Royce Reed from Basketball Wives seems like the kind of person to go from one serious romantic relationship to the next, and the show has highlighted her signature romantic gesture of surprising her man by wearing some lingerie not once but twice. I suspect that her second display of lingerie lovin’ was just as inspired by the desire to please her new man as it was by the heavy criticism she received about how she looked doing so for her previous boyfriend — let’s just say that not all lingerie is created equal.

The second time seemed to be the charm though, as the very fit Royce threw open her little robe to expose nothing but panties paired with a push-up bra of epic strengths and looked pretty cute doing it. I get the sense that Royce is the kind of woman who reads Cosmo with a highlighter in hand, so maybe her lingerie events are a bit over the top, but are the rest of us doing this too?

When I was living in Paris and two of my friends came to visit, I suggested that they take advantage of the reasonably priced yet fancy French lingerie instead of continuing to hop into bed with their boyfriends wearing cheap Made in China crap. “Wouldn’t your boyfriends love to see you in some sexy lingerie?” I asked. They looked at me like I was speaking Swahili and let me know, with a laugh, that such a thing would be a waste of money. Is it really?

Whether or not busting open a trench coat to reveal a sexy bra and panties set is on your agenda, there’s a huge world of undergarments between a sexy garter belt/thong combo and a tired old granny panties and that world is worth exploring. I’ll admit that I struggle to have enough presentable bras in my possession, and I can’t for the life of me manage to maintain a matching set of top and bottoms. But the feeling of buying new underwear and prancing around it, solely for the sake of concealed cuteness, is too great to pass up just because no one sees (or perhaps cares to see) my underthings.

What are your thoughts on lingerie? Are pretty bras and panties only for romance or great for every day? Speak on it!

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