There are a lucky few of us who believe that we have the perfect bodies and can wear anything we want. More power to you if you are, but I am not one such person. Knowing I have work to do, I sometimes motivate myself by imagining the sassy outfits I’ll wear or the bikini that I’ll run across the beach wearing while I splash in the surf under the sun, or the skin-tight dress that I’ll wear to a big party that doesn’t exactly exist yet. You know, ridiculous, yet reasonable, things like that.

But then I see things like the new Nicki Minaj video and I almost feel happy that my body does not belong in a butt-crack bearing catsuit. I realize that my new-and-improved body fantasies might get me into a slinky dress or bathing suit, but I don’t think they’d get me into a g-string thong on television. I’m not here to judge the choices of women with so-called “bangin’ bodies” (I’m no fan of that expression but “fit” doesn’t seem to cover it), but I just can’t see myself doing all of this hard work just to end up walking around half naked. Then again, I say this many pounds and perhaps a pair of butt implants away from looking like a video girl.

What would you do if you had a “bangin’ body”?

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