Oh, dear.

I remember being obsessed with musicians. I once wrote Jodeci a letter and signed it, “Forever your lady…” and back in high school, I used to daydream about Nasir Jones in the middle of my honors English class.

But these days, when everybody and their mama has a camera phone, a Twitter account, and a lack of common sense…fanboys and girls are getting a little out of hand.

Case in point, #TeamBreezy–Chris Brown’s fans.

Not only did they start that horrible, ‘He can beat me up‘ meme after the Grammy’s, but now they’re posing with their ass all out to show just how much they love CB.

Brown tweeted the photo with the tagline: “#IAMKING,” bragging to the world that he can get girls to–literally–show their asses for him.

But I don’t (only) blame CB for this mess. I blame these girls, who–by virtue of dropping their shorts–are encouraging others to do the same. After he tweeted the photo, another fan asked if she could DM a picture of Breeezy #1 written on on her breasts so he can make them famous.


My sisters, my sisters….is this what it’s come down to?

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  • Srenda

    How do you know this? And if this is true, why are you posting the names of these minors on the internet? Not very smart…

  • my_reply

    Who cares if the girls aren’t black? @No Doesn’t this website feature articles that are not just about black people that black people might find interesting? Yes. Is that bad? No. You are silly if you think a site that caters to black women should ignore anything that doesn’t have black women in it. A lot of black women know Chris Brown. We are all females just like these non-back girls. Many find this article interesting. Some of you are already too insulated when it comes to getting your news. Now you can’t even read an article about non-black girls without getting upset.

    Anyway. We should ALL be worried about this kind of behavior. As someone mentioned, many black girls are doing the same and some worse for attention. There are just too many attention whores these days. People think they should get attention for existing. These girls thought they should get attention for being girls with butts. Don’t all girls have butts? It seems that people like them are so desperate for attention and they know they can’t earn it because they have no talent. Everybody has a butt, so how can they get attention,? They have to do something shocking like showing their butts. This seems to be age of the no-talent attention seeking exhibitionist female.

    I think parents are part of the problem, but even still some parents work as hard as they can and get the same results. Raising kids with self respect and good morals and values is hard. You are constantly fighting an uphill battle when one of the most influential things in their lives (the TV) constantly shows that this kind of behavior will garner attention and make you famous. Strange men on the Internet will describe you as “hot.” This seems to be the objective: have large groups of people pay attention to you and label you “hot.” as in hot to trot or screwable. Girls used to want to grow up and be ladies. Now they just want to be hot and seen.