If you thought Rihanna was slowing down anytime soon you are sadly mistaken. The Bajan-beauty has been going nonstop for the last three years dropping three album, embarking on three world tours, and is gearing up to make her on-screen debut. With such a busy schedule it’s a wonder she still has time to have fun, and yet day after day we see the singer living it up–working hard and playing hard, indeed.

Recently, Rihanna sat down with Elle to discuss her career, finding love, becoming a mom, and her much-talked about reunion with Chris Brown.

Check out an excerpt

On her breakup with Chris Brown: “It gave me guns. I was like, well, fuck. They know more about me than I want them to know. It’s embarrassing. But that was my opening. That was my liberation, my moment of bring it. […] Now you know that, so you can say what you want about it. I don’t have anything to hide.”

On the backlash over their reconciliation:
“The bottom line is that everyone thinks differently. It’s very hard for me to accept, but I get it. People end up wasting their time on the blogs or whatever, ranting away, and that’s all right. Because tomorrow I’m still going to be the same person. I’m still going to do what I want to do.”

On having kids: “It could be tomorrow. It could be 20 years from now. I just feel like when the time is right, God will send me a little angel. But first, of course, I have to find a man. I mean, there’s a very important missing piece to the puzzle here!”

On finding that man:
“I feel like it’s hard foreverybody! I don’t think it has anything to do with being famous. There’s just a major drought out there. […] But I just need to find the person who balances me out, because then things like my schedule won’t matter. I’ve done it before, so I know I can do it again.”

Check out the entire interview when the May issue of Elle hits newsstands April 17.

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  • Whatever

    I thought she gave decent and honest responses. On another note, that last wig looks trashy… not a good look.

  • Lurker

    Love her candor. Nice pictures though the cover is a bit…off?

  • apple

    always down to earth and honest.

  • lostluv224

    It was a good interview BUT i feel like everytime she has a record to sell she’s willing to talk about her and chris and the assualt. When she isnt selling anything its a non-mutha-f’n factor

    • Amen! If you want us to leave you alone about the Chris thing then maybe she should stop talking about it…

      Not a fan