On April 25, TV One is premiering an eight episode docu-series called Love Addiction with the tagline “because the love you want, may not be the love you need.” The show films people who are in unhealthy relationships (or series of relationships) under the premise of a documentary about love addicts, then allows the friends and family of these addicts to confront them and to ask that they get professional help  — in other words, it’s like the Intervention of romance but, coming from TV One, featuring black people, of course. And why not? If you’ve watched someone you care about display damaging, addictive behavior when it comes to drugs or alcohol and want them to get help, what would make such behavior in search of love any different? The show also promises to educate viewers about the pain of dysfunctional relationships and the importance of therapy in emotional healing. Take a look at the trailer:

The “I’m a ladies man,” type, hunh? This should be interesting.

The first episode will center on 29-year-old Marcus Foy, who is dating a 51-year old woman named Suzi who his mother finds inappropriate because she is too old, pops pills, can’t give Marcus any grandchildren, and is technically still married to another man. When things are put that way the show sounds more like an episode of Maury than anything else, but still relevant and true to life in its juicy sensationalism.

Love Addiction premieres on TVOne on April 25 at 8pm EST.

Will you watch this show? What do you think of the idea of love interventions in general?

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