Remember B2k?

Yeah…me neither. But apparently, the group that introduced to Omarion and Raz-B–who would go on to have an illustrious career as a Twitter beefer–is gearing up for a comeback.

Recently, Omarion tweeted  a picture of himself, Lil’ Fizz, and J-Boog in the studio, which made their fans wonder if they were working on new material.

While I have no clue if this means they’ll be teaming up for a new album or You Got Served Again…and Again, it’ll be interesting to see if the group can piece itself back together despite rumors that its former manager, Chris Stokes, was molesting Raz-B and singer Marques Houston.

Would you be excited about a B2K reunion?

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  • mia

    i think it a great thing,but it will not be good with out all four! i think if they are not going to include Raz-b ,they should not do any of the old songs! i don not fault them for not wanting to including him and i do feel it could have been handle alot better…i have been molested ,and when it hit the fan its not always pretty…i thin they should forgive, because this will make them bitter….i also feel they should not let personal interfere with business…