Over the weekend Idaho State Representative Cherie Buckner-Webb received some unsettling news. The state’s only African-American lawmaker received a hand-written note from the KKK inviting her to apply for membership.

Rep. Buckner-Web, who had a cross burned on her lawn when she was just seven years old, posted a picture of the application on her Facebook page over the weekend.

She wrote: “Check out communiqué from the KKK received this week in the mail. Newsletter, Application…Really?”

The application asks potential KKK members to swear to the following:

“I am a White Christian man or woman. I am not married to a nonwhite. I do not date nonwhites nor do I have nonwhite dependents. I practice my belief in racial integrity. I believe in the ideals of Western Christian Civilization and profess my belief in Jesus Christ as the Son of God. I understand that the Knights is a legal and law-abiding political movement and that I will never be asked to commit an unlawful act. I understand that I can resign at any time.” 

The application also request memberships fees of $35 for an adult, $45 for a couple, and $20 for kids under 17 years old.

Although Rep. Buckner-Web found the hand-written note “unsettling” she isn’t letting it stop her from working toward more pressing issues.

She said on her page, “On to new topics and positive action to improve our communities.”

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