More sunny days equals plenty of time to try out spring hat trends. We all know that hats keep us cool on bright sunshine filled days and protect our beautiful skin from sun. Also, it’s an easy way to look super chic outdoors.

We want you to have fun with headwear and here are a few trends to try:

Be Different With a Visor

When we think about visors, we picture Venus Williams or Serena Williams rocking the hat as a part of their best tennis attire. This season, visors are making a comeback in more modern looks and in bright colors. With a visor, you can wear your hair up and do not have to worry about pushing your hair into a tight space.

Classic Hat Styles

Straw Fedora hats and Panama hats are great to combat the heat. Look for classic hat styles with textured weave patterns or lightweight linen.

Effortless Sun Protection

Protecting your skin from the UV rays can be stylish with wide brim hats or large sun hats. Look glamorous with a hint of romance in a wide brim style made from fabric or straw. You can be bold with neon tones. You can be simple with a white sun hat.

Breathable and Eco-Friendly

Hats made from bamboo fabrics are environmentally friendly and comfortable to wear. The quality of natural fibers is the perfect breathable hat option for a hot day.

Floral and Feathery Accents

Shake things up a bit and add an extra wow impact in the form of feathers or flowers.

Stick to hats that suit your personal style. You can purchase neutral colored hats if you want to complement your outfits on a daily basis. You can purchase colorful hats to spice up your outfits.

What is your favorite spring hat to wear?

– Paulette Wilson

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