Picture-15131Good old liquor courage isn’t only about saying how you feel, it apparently means you’ll feel prettier while you say it too. Even more interesting is that in one of the two French experiments that led to this finding, you didn’t even have to be tipsy to feel more attractive, if you even thought you were drunk, your confidence went through the roof.

Scientists conducted one experiment in a local bar where 19 people were asked to assess their attractiveness on a scale of one to seven. When the participants’ alcohol levels were measured, the higher the amount of liquor in their system, the higher their self-confidence. In another test of 94 men, participants were asked to taste-test a new fruit cocktail and deliver a filmed message. The testers told the volunteers that have would be given an alcoholic version and the others would be given a placebo.

Those who believed they had drunk alcohol gave themselves high self-assessments, regardless of whether they had actually ingested any liquor, and those who thought they hadn’t had a sip of alcohol gave themselves a low assessment, even when there had been quite a bit of liquor in their drinks.

What it basically comes down to is people use liquor as an excuse to feel a certain way about themselves, without the alcohol really having any effect on them. The authors of the study call it “alcohol-related expectancy,” meaning the more we drink, the more attractive we think we are, because we’re more at ease with others. So next time you’re feeling a little less than fabulous, just picture yourself tipsy, and voilà, you’ll magically find your confidence, just don’t go too heavy on the real thing because that won’t be cute.

Are you more confident when you drink?

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