Your man just broke up with you and in his slew of insults towards you he tells you that you are wack and will never amount to anything. After a bad break-up, many women bring the negative words of their ex into fruition by being so depressed that they stop being productive. Your whole life has fallen apart due to the sadness you feel. While you are home being a crying wreck dwelling on your former relationship, he is out enjoying his life – not thinking about you. When he does hear about you he laughs because everything that he said about you is now true. If you really want revenge against him or anyone else who tried to degrade you, the best way is to succeed.

Take all of the anger and hurt you have inside of you and put that energy into your job or entrepreneurial endeavor. Nothing is sweeter than seeing the person who tried so hard to break you and showing them that despite their efforts you are still standing strong and doing extremely well. When you succeed in life you make people eat their words without stooping down to their immature level. You can smile knowing that you made it through your storm and came out stronger than you ever were before.

One thing that fueled my success, and continues to fuel it, is all of the negative stereotypes and statistics about Black people. From the time I was a teenager I was determined to not prove them right. I was going to be the exception to the rule. It still makes me smile today when people look at my age and what I have accomplished thus far and are surprised because they are not used to a young black woman holding her own.

Success is the only type of revenge that benefits you and actually makes you a better person.

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