Who is ready to take a vacation?  Whether you decide to go to somewhere hot and humid or you decide to spend a day a pool or on a beach, you have to pay close attention to taking care of your beautiful nature curls. We have some tips for every vacation situation to share with you.

Best Vacation Hairstyles

You want a hairstyle that requires low maintenance. Hairstyles like buns, Bantu knots, twist outs, braids and braid outs are perfect for getaways. You should keep your hair moisturize and occasionally re-twist your hair at night. You can give some charm to your hairstyle with headbands and scarves.

Accessorize with Hats.

Fact: Your hair can experience sun damage. Cover your curls up if you are vacationing in a sunny, humid area. Fedora, straw hats, wide-brimmed hat are a trendy way to protect you from the beaming sunand to protect you from UV rays.

Natural Hair and Swimming

When you get the urge to go swimming during your vacation, remember that you have to wash out your hair as soon as possible to avoid chlorine or salt water from damaging your hair. Here’s what to do for a swimming routine with natural hair:

Before swimming

Put your hair into a protective style like twists or braids. If you tend to wear your hair out in a fro, you have the option of using a swim cap. Wet your hair before you take a swim. Apply a conditioner to your wet hair especially near the hairline. Don’t slather or rub it in because it will cause your hair to look ratty.

After swimming

You should rinse your hair thoroughly with water after you swim or wash hair immediately after you take a dip. Both chlorine and salt can strip hair of essential lubricants for your hair’s shaft.

Wash hair with a conditioning shampoo immediately after a swim to avoid damage.

Always continue your hair routine while away on a getaway.

– Paulette Wilson

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