It looks like fed-up Basketball Wives fans are having an affect on the show’s stars. Recently, one of its most outspoken (and dramatic) cast members, Tami Roman, spoke out about who she feels is really to blame for the show’s over-the-top drama. According to Roman, it’s not the women throwing ‘bows fans should be angry with, it’s the show’s producers.

“I think that the opposition to call for the show to be cancelled will end the employment of several African-American women who have no creative control. Why not call out the people who make the decisions about what is aired. Call out Shed Media. Call out VH1 because I will join that battle. Why call for several people to be unemployed that really have nothing to do with the creative process?”

Roman says she and the other women have tried to introduce more positive stories to the show, but the producers (and perhaps even the fans?) don’t want to let the ladies show their more positive sides.

“I come with my storyline and things that I want to introduce and lo and behold what they want to show are those dramatic moments. There is more to us.”

“I have thought about leaving,” she told Sister 2 Sister. “I would love to see a season 5 where VH1 and Shed Media are called out to show more positive things that we’re doing and show us how we are 90 percent of the time, instead of how we are 10 percent of the time. I would love to see the brand in and of itself go out on a more positive note.”

Despite her claim that the BBW ladies aren’t to blame for how they’re seen, what does Roman have to say about her quick-temper and sometime violent antics?

“What they are seeing is a part of my personality. I’m not trying to take back my actions, but that’s not who I am all the time.”

Interestingly enough, Roman doesn’t seem to be calling out the show’s creator and Head Woman in Charge, Shaunie O’Neal.

But does she have a point? Should fans be more critical of the show’s producers and not the stars for what happens on screen? Speak on it! 

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