As the temperatures continue to rise, you want to make sure you know the art of sealing moisture into your tresses. Keeping your hair moisturized between washings is an important task for naturals. With a combination of water and oil, your hair will be able to pick up and hold on to these products.

Timeless Water Application
One of the key factors to keeping your hair dry-free is water. You can choose to mist it lightly or to thoroughly wet your hair. Did you know that it takes exactly 15 minutes for water to saturate into your tresses? Before adding another product to your hair, you should allow the water to stay in the curls for 15 minutes to 20 minutes.

Know the Correct Order
The ideal order for sealing moisture into your hair is water, oil, or an optional moisturizer with glycerin or aloe vera. This specific ordering will help to keep your curls sealed with moisture for a longer time.

You never want to apply the oil or any sprays without having water on your hair first. Be sure to oil your hair from root to tip to lock in moisture.

P.S. You always want to seal a combination of oil and water when the hair is freshly washed.

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