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Back in 2010, I wrote up a list of things I wanted to accomplish that year. Many, I achieved–taking a dance class, getting properly fitted for a bra, getting my passport and taking an international trip–and some things have yet to be ticked off my list (surf lessons). But over the weekend, I knocked off yet another item: go hiking.

On Sunday, I headed up to Griffith Park–an¬†expansive, urban oasis in Los Angeles–and hit the Mt. Hollywood hiking trail. Although it was tough (I’m a first timer), I made it to the top. Sure I was winded, but the view from the mountainside was breathtaking (peep the above picture, I took it yesterday) and I enjoyed my hike much more than any gym workout.

Yesterday, I decided to do it again.

Maybe I was inspired by the ladies of GirlTrek, or perhaps I’m just looking for yet another way to spice up my workouts, but I went for another hike and I think I’m officially hooked.

Because I’m a Gemini I hate being bored. Whether it’s taking pole dancing or Zumba, joining a boot camp, or hitting the trails, I’m always looking for interesting ways to get in a little physical activity.

But how about you?

Do you love hiking or working out outdoors? What activities do you do to stay fit?

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  • Ore

    I absolutely love the outdoors. I have been hiking a few times, in England where I used to live (I live in Nigeria now).

    Now I indulge my love for the outdoors by going for long walks at least once a week. While I also work out in a gym weekly, for me, nothing quite matches up to be outside be it sunny and warm or overcast and windy.