From Frugivore — Last week, Frugivore published an article about the growing number of Black “thinspo” photos and blogs floating about. Some people voiced concern.

I think it misses the target.

Instead of “thinspo,” we need “fitspo.”

I won’t hurl all the statistics about Black women and obesity at you. I’m sure you’ve heard them enough. Plus, I hate how the media always targets overweight people saying they are at higher risks of a) “the sugar” b) hypertension c) heart disease and d) the inability to find a good Black man but don’t refer to people with “normal weight” who have these issues as well.

And this is where I feel “FitSpo,” instead of “Thinspo,” can come in.

For “Fitspo” spans larger than looking a certain way. “Fitspo” bleeds over into your food choices, medical choices, and attitude. Instead of focusing on size, the focus is on being fit — physically, emotionally and mentally.

“FitSpo” for Me

I’m going to get personal. I’m starting (or restarting if I’m honest) a fitness journey.

According to the BMI chart, I’m obese. Funny, I don’t feel obese. I don’t have any health issues constantly thrown together with obesity. But, at 5’3 and 185 pounds, that’s where I’m at.

I’m a pescetarian, and steadily reducing my sugar and non-complex carb intake. I eat healthier than many of my skinny friends. So I’d appreciate it if the terrors of fatness weren’t tossed at me just because of my size.

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