We all miss TLC at least a little bit, and the loss of Lisa “Left-Eye” Lopes feels just as tragic today as it did ten years ago when she left us way too soon. The remaining members of TLC, T-Boz and Chilli, have decided to embark on their first TLC-billed tour in over a decade, joined by a special guest – the hologram of Left Eye. TMZ is reporting that five major cities have already been booked with concerts with more on the way.

There’s enough room for nostalgia that TLC could do very well on tour again – the group had some great jams and their biggest fans will probably be willing to shell out big bucks to see even 2/3 of them in the flesh performing old jams. And let’s be real — TLC is not much to talk about without Left Eye’s presence as one of hip-hop’s most under-appreciated MC’s male or female. But her appearing as a hologram? In spite of how quickly video of Tupac’s Coachella resurrection spread, there’s still something downright creepy about it. I have to wonder how far the hologram concept will go before we come to expect computer-generated versions of our dearly departed music favorites to appear at concerts.

Would you go see this show? Do you think the hologram concept has gone too far before it has even really begun?

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  • I probably should have said risen from the dead. Oh well! LOL

  • Dreaming

    I don’t think this hologram thing should become a trend. It just seems sort of disrespectful to profit off of someone’s image when they are dead.

  • df

    awww here it goes….i’m telling you 5 years from now, holograms will be common in public…not looking forward to it but by that time most will probably be used to it…*sigh*

  • lw

    The truth of the matter is that TLC was never a group that could perform live well. Bringing in a Left Eye hologram is not going to over-compensate for T-Boz & Chili actually trying to sing live again. Let it go, ladies. Even die-hard fans are not going to pay for an entire concert of that mess.

  • JC

    It begins.