C+C Weekly Obsession: Rihanna’s Instagram — “Cuz I’m black bitch” – Rihanna. Say what you want about Rihanna’s questionable behavior, but one thing that can’t be denied is the girl is hot and she’s got a fierce and fearless sense of style. The jury’s still out on whether Ri Ri’s new partially shaven, long black ‘do is fresh or a mess, but we’re loving the energy she’s giving us in her latest Instagram pics. From her Anna-Karin Karlsson “Kitten Noir” shades to her Rolling Stones punk rock rebel flare, it’s clear Rihanna’s willing to give almost any look a try at least once. (Continue Reading…)

Stop the No Edges Struggle in its Tracks — The no edges struggle is real, ladies. In high school, my beautician told me tight ponytails were going to be the death of my hair but it took one too many trims that actually looked like cuts for me to get it. Now that I’ve finally managed to stop my hair from breaking off under the pressure of elastic bands I’m noticing there’s just a little something missing around the front of my head—edges. I’m nowhere near the Naomi Campbell hairline struggle, but just like thinning ends are a sign you need a trim, when you’re edges become see-through you know it’s time to re-evaluate your hair care regimen and make sure you don’t get to the point that you’re rivaling the supermodel. (Continue Reading…)

Is Your Style Too Sexed Up? — On last night’s episode of Styled by June, celebrity stylist June Ambrose tackled an issue many women struggle with—how to be sexy without screaming sex. Initially Aubry O’Day was resistant to turn down her playboy image but when all was said and done, June managed to get the former Danity Kane member and celebrity apprentice contestant thinking about style more so than sex—even if she was a little in denial about her much-needed transformation. If you think you may need to tone down the sex factor in your wardrobe but you aren’t sure, take a look at these tale-tell signs from last night’s show. (Continue Reading…)

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