Would You Rock? Floral Pants — Beyonce’s got on a different pair nearly every day, Taraji P. Henson wore a floral set to the Think Like a Man premiere, Jessica Alba’s in on it, and Rihanna and Amber Rose have also taken a liking to the trend. What’s the look exactly? Printed pants. Just in time for the spring, celebs have been opting for colorful patterns below the waist—from cropped pants with geometric patterns and flowers, to long pairs with skeleton bones, cartoons, and all sorts of combinations of bright stripes, circles, and hearts. (Continue Reading…)

MANi/Pedi’s – Why We Love Men Who Get Them — NFL quarterback Tim Tebow is catching heat from men everywhere since he was spotted in a West Hollywood salon earlier this week getting a mani and pedi, but what these men don’t realize is Tim is a lot smarter than they are because he knows women appreciate a well-groomed man. Any woman can attest to the fact that she doesn’t want a man’s claws scratching her legs at night, and if we have to keep our feet and nails up for the men in our lives, we want them to do the same. (Continue Reading…)

Trend to Try: Cutouts — Being in love with fashion translates to being in love with showcasing your body in the best way. A great way to flaunt some skin and the shape of your body is with a dress with strategically placed cutouts. Many fashion designers have discovered the great appeal of giving a dress a bathing suit vibe with peeks of ribcage, back, and midriff shown. Unexpected exposed skin creates a sexy silhouette you want to show off. (Continue Reading…)

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