Is Nail Art Really a Trend or is Everyone Else Just Now Catching On? — Once again it seems the fashion world has caught on to something black women have been doing for years and turned it into a trend. Everywhere you look, women are proudly showing off nail art from DIY creations to intricate designs painted, glued, and pressed on at salons. It’s being featured in high-fashion magazines, the New York Times, and touted as one of the hottest trends of the year, but a few people are calling the industry’s bluff. “It’s something that’s been around forever in the black community,” NY Magazine beauty editor Aja Mangum told Buzzfeed Shift. ”You used to associate it with being a little ‘hood’ or ‘ghetto fab.’ Now white women are tricking out their nails and it’s not seen that way.” (Continue Reading…)

Tips To Maintain Your Second Day Hair Swag 
No matter how you wear your hair, we all encounter the battle of maintaining second day hair. Often our lovely hairstyles get a nighttime workout that we didn’t plan on getting. There are a few ways to help your curls survive through the night.  (Continue Reading…)

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