Beyonce and Keri Hilson have fallen in love with a new trend in eyewear, and even Nicki Minaj can be seen in a pair from time to time. The look is rounded sunglasses, and no matter what you wear, they certainly make a statement.

Bey and Keri are rocking a pair of $472 round shades by Linda Farrow, but you can find less expensive versions by Prada, and even more cheaper pairs at retailers like Urban Outfitters. Because these shades affect you’re overall look, they’re not quite just for throwing on and blocking the sun. If you want to wear this trend, incorporate these round sunglasses into your whole style for the day. You can:

Dress them up like Keri Hilson did at Hennessy’s Wild Rabbit launch. Minus the nip slip, these shades made her overall look pop with chicness.

Dress them down like Beyonce with a hat. Bey’s wide brim hat with these shades gives her an ‘80s Boy George look.

Add color to your wardrobe. The round eyewear look doesn’t just come in black and white, you can try a bright pink or red pair to add a little color and fun to what you’re wearing, and make your style stand out even more.

Will you try a pair of rounded shades this summer?

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