You know someone is a true friend if they tell you the truth no matter how harsh or unpleasant it may be. They tell you the things that you don’t want to hear because they care about your well being and want the best for you. It is better to hear the truth from someone who loves you than a stranger in the street. That will hurt you more and simply make you question why those who are the closest to you chose to lie to your face.

Some people are surrounded by a poisoness group called yes men. These are the worst kind of people to have around you because they will agree with everything you say or want to do even if they know it is harmful to you. They don’t want to risk upsetting you for fear that you will no longer want to be friends with them. Usually these people get some kind of a perk from being your “friend” and therefore want to protect the benefits they get from being around you at all costs. These people are like your own personal robots. They will never say anything to counter what you have already said or done. They don’t really care about you, but more about themselves. It may seem nice to have people like this around who won’t argue with you or try to prevent you from doing things you want to do, but in the end they are only detrimental to you.

A true friend won’t care if you get mad at them or even say that you never want to see them again. It would hurt them, but it will hurt them more to know they claim to be your friend but are lying to you or keeping something from you that you need to know. A true friend will dread the day you come to them upset because they had to find out from someone else something that you should have told them a long time ago.

Friendships are very similar to relationships only without the intimacy. People who have been friends for years and never had an argument or minor disagreement are suspect to me. A real friend will never let you go outside looking crazy or do something that they know you will regret later.  Take the time to evaluate if you are surrounded by true friends or yes men. It will be worth it.

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