Telling our own stories is one of the most important things black folks can do. Because we come from many countries across the globe, “the black experience” means many things to many people. However, rarely do we get an inside glimpse about the experience of Africans in America, but a new web series aims to do just that.

The series The American Dream: An African Tale, aims to provide “a platform for Africans who live in the US to talk about what life is like for them in this country that has become home to so many.”

The series, which focuses on a singular experience of a person from African adjusting to life in America, is both poignant and funny and sheds light on a segment of our people that are rarely seen.

 Check out the trailer and a few of the episodes of The American Dream: An African Tale and tell us what you think!

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  • Dalili

    LOL, I can totally relate to the name bit. I spent quite a bit of time either gently correcting those who massacred it or explaining why I didn’t want a nickname they’d given me. One person went as far as explaining why they thought I might be mispronouncing my own name!

  • mahogany

    I can relate to episode 5. A lot of people view Africa as one huge country. SMH!

  • BIG props to you Shola! Your skill and execution gets ILLer everytime you put something up for folks to see! Very proud!

  • sholla21

    Fellow African here. I relate to the ‘Africa is not a country’ thing. I swear. It’s THE most annoying thing, lol.