Last month I told you about a promising new web series out of the UK called Venus vs. Mars, that chronicled the ups and downs (and comical mishaps) of young Londoners in love.

The show follows Venus, the main character, after she swears off men because of a breakup with her ex.  Although her friends try to set her up, she’s a little cautious about reentering the dating game (but she gives it a shot, anyway). While I enjoyed the pilot episode (I mean, how often to we get a glimpse in dating in Londontown?), some of you said you wanted to see more before making up your mind.

Well, the second episode is here and once again, I enjoyed it. I’m definitely adding this to my web show rotation to see how it develops.

Check out the second episode of ‘Venus vs. Mars’ and let us know what you think! 

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  • Maggie

    Im not a fan of the UK accent….but Ill definitely check it out. Maybe it can change my perspective…:-)

  • Oshanae

    First of all love the show, anything non reality I support, i understand their dialog, however if all the guys in UK look like the ones in the series, especially the guy in the the end she met at the GYM, i may need to relocate to the UK.

  • It’s still a no from me i’m afraid.

  • I like this show!!!! I like what Venus said when the boyfriend broke up with her and she didn’t lose her mind. She told him that she doesn’t do the let’s be friends thing. I agree with that. You kicking me to the curb and you want to be friends? Noooo. The so-called personal trainer was a nuisance! The fool didn’t teach the girl nothing. He just started working out! She meets the perfect guy and drinks too much. Why would you do that chica?! The guy was talking about finding a wife, marriage. Every woman knows when a guy asks you out for drinks, there is a two drink minimum. You only drink two drinks or sip on the one drink you do have.