Are you a fashion hoarder with way too many clothes? Are you a fashionista on a budget? Are you ready to venture into DIY for a new look?

Maybe you should try recycling your clothes. Salvaging your garments can lead to spending less money and having more room in your closet for new things. There are a few ways to subtract and add to your current wardrobe in a sustainable way.

Don’t be Style Hoarder, Sell or Donate.

As much as we all want to hold on to everything we have ever worn, there comes a time when you need to give things away. If you never give anything away, you will find yourself with a house sized collection of clothes and have no space for a new piece in your wardrobe.

You can sell your clothes online on fashion sites like EBay or Etsy. You can join a swap site like SwapStyle.com, where you can sell, buy or swap all your used fashions in good condition.

You can bring your clothing in good condition to consignment shops. Most consignment shops ask for 30 percent to 50 percent of the sale.

Be even more eco-friendly by taking clothes to a clothes drop off that will reuse the fabric from your clothes to make more beautiful garments. Or, donate your clothes to different charities you love and get a tax form for deduction in return.

Little Budget? Try Vintage or Swap Shopping.

We all don’t have hundreds and hundreds of dollars to spend on getting clothes so we look for budget approved options. Of course, you can go to your favorite fashion boutique and buy all the sale items on the rack.

If you want to get great deals and be helpful environmentally, shop at a vintage or a consignment shop. When you take some time to look through the racks, you will find something to add to your closet.

Clothes swapping parties are becoming very popular among ladies with a budget. You can get a group of friends together or attend a swap party. It’s a great way to trade clothing without having to pay a lot of money.

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