If we listened to the media, we’d think Africa consisted of nothing but poverty, war, famine, desolate deserts, coups, and inhumane conditions. Luckily, we know better. And with the rise of the Internet, we are privy to people across the African diaspora telling diverse stories of the Motherland.

The blog, Africa Is A Country, is one of those outlets. The multimedia blog prides itself on telling another story of the continent. One that doesn’t include the overexposed images we see in the mainstream media.

Did you know Africa has a transgendered music star, or did you think the entire continent was mired in homophobia?

Or about the hilarious web series, ‘the African Experience in America‘?

If not, you need to start reading their blog.

Africa Is A Country shines a light on the artists, filmmakers, musicians, athletes, academics, and writers from across the Diaspora in such a way that gets you hooked. Much like my other favorite, AfriPop, Africa Is A Country tells a story that is not only fresh and new, but necessary.

Check out Africa Is A Country and show them some love.

What international blogs do you frequent?


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