THEESatisfaction is a Seattle-based r&b duo whose music makes us think of Philly soul, Eykah Badu, Ursula Rucker, and the unidentifiable music a DJ would play at a very hip and very black Sunday brunch. The group, which consists of Stasia Irons and Catherine Harris-White, released its first official album awE naturalE in March and the song “QueenS,” is a standout track that suggests exactly what vibe you should be on to enjoy the music (and it’s a, regular person, very welcome sentiment that we haven’t heard in a long time): “Leave your face at the door / turn off your swag / check your bag.” Turn off my swag? Yes, please.

The video for “QueenS” is a super-chill triumph in aesthetics and perfectly captures the beauty of black women while laying down a party vibe that’s not only easy to get into but seems to require that you not try too hard to do so. It was directed by cultural critic and hip-hop journalist dream hampton, and if you’re familiar with her written work you will definitely see her influence all over the screen. Check it out!

What do you think of this music and video?

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