By now you may have heard that eleven agents from the Secret Service — many of them high ranking — were sent home from their job to protect President Barack Obama during his visit to Colombia for purchasing the services of prostitutes. The sexual element alone makes the story a scandal, but the thought that the men charged with making sure the President doesn’t get assassinated were busy having fun instead of doing their jobs is kind of scary and very insulting.

But there’s more: the only reason the agents were caught at all is that two of them tried to stiff a prostitute that they picked up at a strip club for “between $40 and $60” worth of services. NBC News reports:

The controversy arose after one of the women went back to a hotel room with two agents. The woman wanted to be paid for serving both agents, the source who has been briefed on the probe told NBC News. Instead, the agents would only agree to split her price, prompting the woman to complain to local police who were stationed in the lobby of the Hotel Caribe, the source said.

The police then went up to the agents’ room and began banging on the door, which the agents at first refused to open, the source said. There are conflicting reports over how the payment dispute was resolved. But two government sources told NBC News the police contacted the U.S. Embassy over the dispute and Embassy officials then arrived at the scene.

So this is what goes on, hunh?

It’s sickening enough that eleven Secret Service agents, the guys who secure rooftops and wear headsets to pick potential¬†gunmen out of crowds and all of that stuff that seems to only happen in the movies, would go to a local strip club and bring home a bunch of working women when they should be busy…I don’t know, making sure the notoriously unsafe Colombia is safe enough for the leader of the free world to visit. But it’s disturbing on a whole other level that these men are so deep into sexual tourism — and entitled to boot — that they haggled over getting a two-for-one and in the process ruined their careers. We can debate the morality of prostitution all we want, but anyone who goes to a third world country and treats any worker this way should be ashamed.

What do you think of this story?

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