With the black media gearing up for the release of Sony’s Think Like A Man, I got to think about some of my favorite romantic comedies.

The other night, in a fit of insomnia, I flipped through Netflix and landed on a quirky film called OutsourcedThe film follows a call center manager, Todd Anderson, whose company decides to layoff its employees and move their operation to India. Todd has to go to India to setup the office and train his replacement, a task he isn’t happy about. While in India, Todd eventually gives in to the charm of the local culture and learns more about his coworkers. Romance and hilarity ensues, and Outsourced was one of the cutest films I’ve seen in some time.

From Love Jones and Sixteen Candles, to Coming to America, Sleepless in Seattle, and The Best Man, I love a film that’s able to make me laugh while tuggin on my heartstrings.

But how about you? What’s your favorite romantic comedy? 

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  • LemonNLime

    Bridget Jones series – can’t wait for the 3rd one!
    Run Fat Boy Run
    Love Actually

    • CurlySue

      It’s like you’re in my head! Alllll of those movies I love. I’m not big on sappy, corny romantic flicks so I need a good dose of humor (preferably British humor) to make me really love it. How amazing was that part in Run Fat Boy Run where Simon Pegg does the spin class with Hank Azaria and afterward is treated to Hank giving himself a rigorous ball powdering? Lol, makes me laugh everytime.

  • Shan

    My fav is probably “Away We Go” and 500 Days of Summer

    • Penny Silvia

      Get out of my head. Away We Go tugs at my heartstrings and (500) Days of Summer is my absolute favorite! Also:
      Bridget Jones
      Hav Plenty (kinda corny but the letter at the end ::sigh::)
      Say Anything
      Pretty in Pink

  • Elle Michelle

    One Day (with Anne Hathaway). Love Jones is a close second.

  • Jai

    Away We Go
    Love Jones
    Love Actually
    Brown Sugar
    500 Days of Summer
    10 Things I Hate About You

  • ?

    Is Love Jones a rom-com? It had funny moments but im not sure if it was supposed to be a rom-com per se. If it is then Im going with THE NOTEBOOK. If not HAV PLENTY all day.