the_best_makeup_for_dark_skin1Lipstick, blush, eyeshadow, foundation, bronzer, mascara, eyeliner, lip liner—there are a zillion beauty products on the market to choose from when it comes to making up your face every day. Amongst all of the highlighters, color palettes, and contour sets, most women have make-up items they only use for special occasions—like false lashes—and others that they refuse to leave the house without, like lip gloss for instance.

BellaSugar recently did a survey and they found the majority of women (37%) said mascara is their makeup mainstay and they’re never caught without it–probably because it’s a simple way to make the eyes pop. Coming in not far behind was concealer (34%), which we probably all know why; and on the low-end of the spectrum was blush with most women saying they could totally go without a little rouge for their cheeks on a daily.

Forty percent of the site’s respondents said they use between four and six products on a regular basis, and another 28 percent use even more than that which means most ladies probably have a lot more than one makeup must-have when it comes to putting their best face forward. It seems if they had to decide though, a smooth complexion and long lashes would carry them through the day. (Thankfully we don’t have to choose!)

Which makeup item do you must have on daily basis and which could you do without?

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  • insight

    Eye Shadow (LORAC (you can get from Sephora) looks AMAZING on brown skin, especially their lingerie colors..LORAC, Urban Decay are the only brands of eye shadows I get compliments on (and usually stay on my lids the entire day).
    Eye liner

    Chap stick or lip gloss (usually clear)

    I’ve been looking for the right lipstick and never found it. Every red I have found just looks wrong on me.

  • insight

    And try out the “Vitamin E Face Mist” from the Body Shop after you apply your makeup. I swear by this now (My boyfriend thinks its weird, but…dont care)

    Its a setting spray, but for some reason, makes whatever makeup you are using look more expensive (It gives your face a glowing perfected look)!

  • Bridget

    lip gloss and lip balm

  • Lip Gloss

    Nars Easylover

    and Mascara for length.

  • Leonie UK

    Red lipstick by MAC and threaded brows, done and dusted for any event small or grand.