Black women don’t play with their hair. When we’re headed to the shop for a new cut, color, or style, nine times out of ten we’re taking a photo of the exact style that we want and most times that look is going to be on one of our favorite celebrities.

It turns out there are just a few celebs who’s hair most of us are dying to try out. Black Beauty author Ben Arogundade recently did a search to figure out which celebs had the most popular hair—according to Google searches—and blowing everybody out of the water was Lady Gaga. The 40,500 times her hair is searched each month can partially be attributed to the fact that she has a single actually titled “hair” but her wild ‘dos still place her rank at nearly double that of the next celeb in line, Kim Kardashian, with 22,200 searches per month.

After Jennifer Anitston, Rihanna comes in fourth in terms of the most Googled hair, but when we just look at black female stars, she kills it. In the top five spots are:

  1. Rihanna — 12,100
  2. Beyonc√© — 6,600
  3. Nicki Minaj — 4,400
  4. Halle Berry — 3,600
  5. Tyra Banks — 1,600

Rihanna’s always mixing up her style and Bey has the versatile lacefront wig game on lock. Barbz everywhere are signing up to get bangs like Nicki Minaj and Halle Berry’s pixie cut never goes out of style, plus Tyra Banks has perfected the soft, wavy weave look. As the natural hair movement gains momentum these ranks might shift a bit but these ladies are pretty representative of the hair looks women are rocking these days.

Who’s your celebrity hairspiration?

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