I find that no matter how many positive and uplifting stories are written, the ones that are viewed as “juicy” or “interesting” are the ones that speak about controversy or malicious gossip. If two articles were posted at the same time on a website, one uplifting and one based on gossip, the one with the gossip would get the most views and comments. Why is that?

We live in a world where people constantly say that the media is full of violence, vulgarity, controversy and sensationalism. The public say that they want to see more positive news stories, yet when they do pop up they get the least amount of ratings/views. There is a great amount of people who rather see the inspirational stories, but the attention they get doesn’t compare to the amount given to all of the other types of news reported.

All publications, television stations and websites cater to what their audience wants. You have the power to dictate what you see in the media, and if everything except heart-warming stories seem to be what the people are attracted to then that is what you will get. It is true that our news must be diversified in order for the public to be as well informed about what is going on in the world as possible, but it should also be balanced. Stories that make you smile are few and far in-between. If you are one of those people who want to see more of those kinds of articles put on front street then when you come across one of them make sure to comment and share them with your friends.

We are constantly bombarded with news that makes us shake our heads in disgust or disbelief every day. Support stories that uplift others and show that they have just as much appeal as the sensationalism we participate in on a daily basis.

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