Since its foray into producing and acquiring TV shows, HBO has continued to dazzle audiences with its vast array of offerings. From the now-classic series like The Wire and Sex & the City, to newer hits like True Blood and Boardwalk Empire, HBO has had an uncanny knack for finding and supporting shows that are both enlightening and entertaining.

Now, HBO is hoping to score yet another hit with Girls a look at the angst of 20-something millennials in New York City.

While the Sex & the City comparisons are natural (the show centers around a group of gal pals in NYC), don’t expect to find any fancy drinks or Manolos. These women face many of the problems–being broke, dating questionable guys, having to figure out what you really want to do in life–as many young people today.

The opening scene of the show finds Lena  Dunham, the show’s creator, writer and one of its stars, getting cut off from by parents, something many young folks struggling to make it on their own can relate to, and trying to figure out who she can afford to make it in the big city while still figuring out what she wants out of life.

While Girls seems light on diversity, like it’s big sis Sex & the City, many of the reviews have dubbed it the best show of the year. Although I wish black women were able to get a show like this produced (or at least be included in the casting) the trailer of Girls looks hilarious and totally relatable to many.

But what do you think? Will you be tuning in to see ‘Girls’ when it premieres Sunday night?
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