“We become what we believe” – Oprah 

Yesterday, while flipping through the channels I caught Oprah’s Lifeclass. In it, she and life coach Tony Robbins were helping people to overcome their fears and rewrite their personal narratives. Within the first few minutes, I was hooked. Oprah dropped a bomb on me when she told the audience, “We become what we believe” and asked what stories have they been telling themselves.

I thought back over my life. Certainly I’ve been blessed and have been able to accomplish a lot. And yet sometimes, I am paralyzed by this fear that keeps me from acting on my talents. I was telling myself I was afraid, I didn’t want to fail, and I didn’t want to look like a fool.

This story–this fear–I’ve been carrying around has been keeping me from being the best me there is. And I know y’all can relate.

What fears are you holding onto? Are they really protecting you or just holding you back?

Maybe you’ve been telling yourself you’ll always be overweight because you’re a big girl, or that you could never start your own business because you don’t have the money, or that going back to school just isn’t an option right now because you wouldn’t be able to juggle it and work, or…you get the picture.

It’s time to change the stories we tell ourselves, Clutchettes.

Happy Tuesday!

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