Beyonce’s got on a different pair nearly every day, Taraji P. Henson wore a floral set to the Think Like a Man premiere, Jessica Alba’s in on it, and Rihanna and Amber Rose have also taken a liking to the trend.

What’s the look exactly? Printed pants.

Just in time for the spring, celebs have been opting for colorful patterns below the waist—from cropped pants with geometric patterns and flowers, to long pairs with skeleton bones, cartoons, and all sorts of combinations of bright stripes, circles, and hearts. So far, Amber Rose and Solange appear to be the only ones brave enough to wear the prints on top and bottom, but it still takes a certain amount of guts to leave the house in just the pants.

You definitely can’t hide in these bottoms which means your whole look has to be on point when you step out in these. The bolder the print, the more subtle the rest of your clothes and accessories should be—unless, of course, you’re going for that wild Nicki Minaj look. Some stars have looked fab in this trend but others need to go back to the drawing board.

Would You Rock ‘Em?

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