Pastels and bright neon colors always show up in our wardrobe, nail polishes, and even eye shadows when the weather warms up, but one place we usually don’t think about bringing the heat is our lips. Walking up to any cosmetics counter you’ll find your standard shades of red, pink, nude, and brown, but those choices can get a little boring over time. Why not try blues, greens, yellows, or even white?

Amber Rose shocked a lot of us when she came on the scene with her unconventional lip colors but the trend is becoming pretty popular among fashionable ladies who are out of the spotlight with the launch of the Lip Bar which helps brown beauties match their skin tone with the right shade of melon, green, purple, as well as Keyshia Dior’s KA`OIR lipstick line with as many colors to choose from as there are in Nicki Minaj’s wigs. Plus some even have a sparkle of glitter. These shades might not be fit for the office or an everyday look, but they’re definitely a fun way to switch up your makeup for a night out.

Would you rock a wild lip color?

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