Mia Love is used to being different. The Brooklyn-born, daughter of Haitian parents is also a Mormon. The up-and-coming politician cinched the GOP nomination for Utah’s fourth congressional district over the weekend, and if she’s elected in November, Love would become the first black Republican Congresswoman in history.

A product of working-class immigrant parents, Love says she’s the embodiment of the American Dream and hopes her presence in the not-so-diverse GOP will encourage others to give the party a second look.

“We have an opportunity to reach some of our fellow Americans that we haven’t been able to reach, ever, on the conservative side,” she told Yahoo News. “And if I can reach our fellow Americans and get them to believe what we believe–that the way that they’re going to realize the American dream is through hard work and that they can do it, then I’m happy to play that role. I’m happy to be the example.”

Love—who handedly beat her Republican opponents, raking in 70-percent of the primary vote—says that’ll she’s join the Congressional Black Caucus if elected to help Congressman Allen West “change it from the inside out.” The Libertarian-leaning, former Mayor says that she’s not concerned about what people do in the private lives, but plans on limiting the powers of government and opposing regulations, especially those set by the Environmental Protection Agency.

Love will face off with Democratic incumbent Rep. Jim Matheson in the fall to see if she’ll be able to continue her winning ways all the way to Washington.

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