If you haven’t already heard, Christina Milian is working on a swimsuit line. The singer and host of The Voice sent out a few tweets yesterday announcing that she has partnered with Nicole Di Rocco, the creator of Nicolita Swimwear, to develop a new collection of bathing suits and from what we’ve already seen of Nicolita’s suits which draw heavily on her Cuban roots—which Christina also shares—this move could be awesome.

Like with any other clothing line, especially jeans, it’s great to have a designer behind the scenes who understands the bodies of women of color. And since it’s a rare occasion that Christina hasn’t looked amazing on the beach, we have high hopes for this new line.

The duo is just now in the second phase of developing and is starting to pick out fabrics but we thought we’d suggest a few things we hope to see in this new line, based on some of the fabulous looks Christina pulled off before. With a sunglasses collection already under her belt, we’re sure C. Milian already has some good ideas to expand her summer wear empire, but since she tweeted she’s ready to give us what we need, we want to make sure she does. Here’s our wish list.

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