It’s been 12 years, endless concerts and cameos, a few arrests, and a scary mug shot later, but it seems like Michael D’Angelo Archer is finally back.

I got excited when I saw video pouring out from his mini European tour earlier this year, but after GQ published an (truly amazing) interview with the reclusive singer this week, I knew it was real.

While I poured through the article (glass of wine in hand and Voodoo on repeat; gotta set the mood), noting how open and honest D was about his demons, fears and triumphs, I found myself coming back to a few key things:

Damn, he still looks good

After years of heavy drug and alcohol abuse and a mug shot that left him looking more like Old Dirty Bastard (RIP), than the chiseled, chocolate god of his Untitled video, I wasn’t sure what a reemerging D’Angelo would look like. But the GQ photo spread put my fears to rest. Although he looks a little older and a little more solid, D’Angelo is still sexy as hell. And even though I’m not a fan of grown men with cornrows, he somehow manages to make them work. I can dig it.

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