79535215Although we all have varied thresholds of tolerance, there are always some sure fire ways in which a guy can kill a courtship before it even have a chance to develop. What are commonly known as those “red-light” or “ah-ha” moments can sometimes happen the most inopportune moment during a date or phone conversation. The following are some “relationship killers” you may have had the displeasure of experiencing:

Yes, we live in a modern day and age, but you can bet, if a guy just leaves the check on the table after a meal, without even a mention as to why he can’t even pay for the tip, he’s getting dropped.

  • A man talking about domestic abuse, as if it is a an acceptable option is not an option.
  • If he says “b*tch – I mean woman,” it’s time to call it a day.
  • Nothing kills a date faster than a fella who admits to having multiple kids – none of which he actually takes care of.
  • If a guy is overly critical of you early on in the relationship, kick him to the curb. That kind of neurotic behavior is just the tip of the iceberg.

These are just a few absolute no-no’s that can send you running for the hills. Depending on your taste and temperament, there are countless more things a fella can do to completely avert your attention. In the end, consider it a blessing that you saw the signs before investing anymore of your precious energy and time into a futureless relationship.

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  • Introverted Leo

    Sexist Beliefs.

    Referring to women as ‘females’.

    Being courted by someone who is already in a relationship and refers to that woman as ‘Just a friend’.

    Being asked/told to lower my standards because one isn’t good enough to meet them.

    Being told that one was fired from two jobs consecutively because, “They didn’t like me.”

    Inability to think on a deeper level.

    • Coming from the UK. I cannot understand or abide by the use of the term ‘females’. What are we, animals? No. Just. No! It had better not catch on here.

    • Velma

      Good points.

  • Introverted Leo

    Post comment.

  • overseas_honeybee

    Multiple kids and babymommas, smoking, excessive cussing and drinking, loud for no reason, poor hygiene, whorish, bad attitude, lazy as hell and just being all around trifling. Many more on my list but these would be the biggies. DOA!