It’s only Tuesday Clutchettes, but there are already some things that have the world—or at least the Internet—buzzing. Chances are you’ve already had a lot of news thrown your way since Monday but we want to let you in on the five things we’re talking about over here this week.

1. Will Smith’s Smackdown

Will Smith’s image may have turned from fresh prince to father figure over the years but he had to let a reporter in Russia know he was the same old Will from the west side of Philadelphia late last week. While walking the red carpet at the Men In Black III Moscow premiere, a Ukrainian reporter got a little too close and tried to plant a couple of kisses—and that’s when he got smacked Big Willy style. It was a light enough face tap to not hurt the man but still let him know not to try it again, but for every person who thinks the reporter was out of line there’s another who says Will went into a homophobic rage, possibly even to mask his own homosexuality. I just want to know what those people would do if a complete stranger tried to kiss them on the mouth in public. Can we say harassment?

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