President Obama touched down in Afghanistan this afternoon to meet with troops and mark the first anniversary of Osama Bin Laden’s death.

After a 13-hour flight, the President touched down in Bagram Air Field, just outside of the Afghan capital of Kabul. The President’s trip was kept secret to protect his safety, and he will address the nation from this evening at 7:30p.m. EST after meeting with Afghan president Hamid Karzai to sign the Strategic Partnership Agreement which will ensure America’s financial and military support of the embattled nation after the U.S. withdraws combat troops in 2014.

The President’s trip to Afghanistan comes on the heels of a new ad his campaign released touting his foreign policy record. The ad discussed the difficult decision the President made to give the order to raid Bin Laden’s compound and kill the al Qaeda leader. While many have praised President Obama’s decision, Republicans have derided the President for turning Bin Laden’s death into a divisive political tool.

While the timing of today’s visit couldn’t be more perfect for the President and his reelection campaign, according to MSNBC Mr. Obama was invited to Afghanistan by president Karzai to sign the Strategic Partnership Agreement on Afghani soil.

A year after Bin Laden’s death…do you think America is safer? 

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